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7 Things To Know If You Are Popping The Question

The next few months tend to be the hottest time of year for marriage proposals. Christmas, New Years, and

Valentine's Day are the most popular occasions to pop the question. Not everyone has the same vision when it comes to their dream proposal but there are a few things most people agree on.


#1 Use their full name. Even if they cringe at their middle name typically, it is a beautiful moment and is incredibly romantic. You don't have to take it from there on your own. We can help you work through what to say, and yes, notes or a written sheet is totally acceptable!

#2 Make sure those nails are on point! Find a way to make sure their nails are manicured even if it means they just paint them at home. Everyone will be wanting to see that hand after all! We can help you get this done without suspicion.

#3 Ask permission or a parents blessing. This is an antiquated idea for some, but the sentiment is still a beautiful statement of the respect to the family you are marrying into. Consider talking to their closest friend or even their child if they don't have a parent type person to talk to. We will help you arrange this without drawing attention and give any pep talks as needed.

#4 Capture the moment! This one is a pet peeve of mine. Just figure out a way to do it. Hire a professional, have a friend hiding with a camera, or set up your own video camera in the corner to capture the moment. The moment is so emotional and is over in a blink so it's nice to have a photo of the moment. We can find you a photographer and even take on this role if needed.

#6 Keep it a secret even if they know it's coming. They will feel even more special to know there was this thoughtful moment created just for them. Use us to keep it a secret for everyone involved! Minimize the chance of someone spilling the beans. We set everything up while you are by your S/O's side.

#7 Hire a proposal planner! No matter how well you plan it out and how certain you are of getting a yes - it's stressful preparing for one of the most romantic gestures you can do for your partner. No need to worry about the set up, making sure a photographer is in the right place at the right time, organizing additional people, or dealing with last minute questions when you are already a bundle of nerves. Let us take on all the details so all you need to think about is popping the question!


Contact us today for help planning your personalized proposal. We even provide single session planning for those that want to do it on their own.

Phone (319) 350-8574


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