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Client Review: 7/8/17 Anderson Wedding

Dianna Anderson, Evan and Liz Anderson with their niece/flower girl.

I recently hired Jillian Stallman to organize my son’s wedding. Here’s why I would highly recommend that you consider hiring her to organize your next event (even if it is relatively small—we had about 100 guests):

  1. She listens. Jill asked the right questions and then listened carefully so she understood what our bride dreamed of for her special day.

  2. She has answers to questions you might not know you’re supposed to ask. I had no idea how to organize a wedding, and I didn’t have the time to figure it all out. Jill knew the questions that we needed to consider and she helped us to answer them in thoughtful ways.

  3. She sticks to the budget. I gave Jill a spending limit and she stuck to it. Period. (With spreadsheets!)

  4. You will save money. She’s tenacious when it comes finding solid suppliers at reasonable prices. I am convinced we saved the fees we paid her in the savings we realized because she vetted our service providers.

  5. She’s creative. Jill has great ideas, if you need them. She can enhance your ideas with additional things to think of, and she has creative ideas of her own if you’re not sure what’s possible. She’s all about making sure your dreams are realized.

  6. She’s organized. She knows what it takes to pull off a great event and she comes prepared to meetings to move things forward in an organized way. When it came to the wedding, we had a clearly laid out schedule of who was doing what, when, for the entire event—preparation, rehearsal dinner, day of, and wrap up.

  7. She runs the show. There are a lot of moving parts to any event. Jill makes sure they move together in an orchestrated way.

  8. She handles the unexpected. Things happen. Jill handles them, graciously. (So you don’t have to.)

  9. She’s generous. Jill’s all about service. She went beyond what she needed to, in many ways, to make sure we pulled off a great event, without losing sleep.

  10. You can relax and enjoy a special movement in your life. Hire Jill so you can truly enjoy your celebration!

Dianna Anderson

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